Presentation Topics:

Be The Man: 5 Keys to a Joyful Relationship While Standing in Your Power

In this groundbreaking workshop, men discover how to:

  • Avoid the biggest mistake men make with an upset partner.
  • Make life purpose a priority (and turn on their partner).
  • Show up for themselves so they can show up for their partner.
  • Talk about what matters most in a way that will leave their partner craving more.

What Women Really Want From Men in the Age of Me, Too.

The current political and cultural climate would have men think their only choices are being a people-pleaser “nice guy” or a macho jerk. Here, men learn another way that will leave them and their partners feeling respected and safe, inspired and valued.

Are you a “Real Man?” Facilitated Discussion Group

With Scott’s leadership, men explore the challenges and realities of being a man in today’s world:

  • What constitutes a strong and powerful man?
  • What does it even mean to be a “real man”?
  • What are the biggest concerns and frustrations of men today?
  • What does each man truly long for in his life?

Compassionate Communication: Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk!

Through experiential exercises, facilitated discussions and real life situations using Nonviolent Communication, men learn how to inspire heartfelt connections in relationships so that everyone experiences being seen, heard and respected, as well as how to integrate compassion into their everyday lives.

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Planning an event for awakening men? Scott’s dynamic and down-to-earth approach will leave your audience inspired as they take away tangible strategies that can be applied to their relationships immediately.

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