From Stumped to Pumped Breakthrough Coaching Session

Are you a man on the verge of divorce? Tired of the struggle in your relationship? You can show up and connect in a way that will have your spouse/partner wanting you more. Sign up for a complimentary From Stumped to Pumped Breakthrough Coaching Session today! – call Scott at 662.468.8044

Brother’s Brigade Meetup

Join us to blaze a new trail in how we show up as men in the world. Look through my upcoming meetups and RSVP for one or more today. All Meetups meet on Zoom until further notice.

Programs being offered currently are:

  • Men’s Compassionate Connections Practice Circle – Through experiential exercises, facilitated discussions, and practice using current real life situations, we explore chapter by chapter Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life.
  • Reading Circle – Through reading and online gatherings explore topics such as Me and White Supremacy, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and The Way of the Superior Man.
  • Open Men’s Circle – Facilitated men’s circle where you can share what’s on your mind, seek input from other men, connect and build community.
  • Open Office Hours – Ask Scott your relationship questions
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