Many men feel frustrated that something is missing from their relationships or are unable to attract that right partner. They often have no idea what healthy masculinity looks like, because it wasn’t modeled for them growing up, and today’s world is filled with mixed messages of how men “should” be.

Men don’t cry.
Men fix things.
Men are violent.

So many negative messages that we only have a vague idea of what we don’t want to be as a man, and more importantly, no idea what healthy masculinity actually looks like.

The result of this cultural “training” is that men resort to being either a macho jerk or a wimpy people-pleaser. Either way leads to disconnect from ourselves and others and contributes to distant relationships and unfulfilled life.

I suggest another path. Something between the extremes of the “jerk” and the “nice guy.” A path where men hold two essential cornerstones at the same time.

Solid ManTender Man
Knowing what he stands for, and valiantly living a life in alignment with that purpose.Deeply compassionate, fully authentic and passionate with abandon. (Don’t get hung up on that term. It’s not about being weak.)

Both are essential. Both are healthy. Each effective because the other one is also present and balances it.

Once men learn to hold these two essential cornerstones to healthy masculinity, they can begin to show up fully in their relationships so that they and their spouse or partner experience peace and joy.

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